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Click here for the BYLAWS of RRPC 

The BYLAWS  are the  rules and regulations of the club enacted by RRPC to provide a framework for its operation and management.

An Amendment to the ByLaws was approved by the membership on June 15, 2017

The amendment to the Club Bylaws was drafted by Fred Payne, the club’s legal counsel, at

the request of the Board of Directors to enable the Board of Directors to take immediate

action if formal charges are filed against a member or associate and it is determined

that the filed charges indicate an emergency exists justifying the need for suspense

access and/or privileges of the accused member/associate pending due process of the

formal charge(s).  The text of the Bylaw is HERE.

Rules and Policies passed at previous Board of Directors meetings:

Managing A Hearing of Club Charges

Armory Guidelines

Fully Automatic (Class 3) Firearms

To shoot your machine guns at the Club, you MUST be certified by the Class 3 Committee.

Contact the Class 3 Committee for more details or to obtain this certification.

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